What We Do

Value Circle

Innogov provides a diverse portfolio of services geared to serve as the nexus between government and business.

City Manager Insights

With passionate beliefs in the virtues of the Council-Manager form of local government and professional city management, InnoGov provides a simple educational and professional development tool, rich with information on leadership and management spanning many sectors. This service is not only beneficial to City Managers but all local government officials, non-profit leaders, and even CEOs. Visit the City Manager Insights page for more information.


Innogov provides a broad menu of services for local government. If you are a business interested our services, please complete the Contact Us form.

Business Building

Many start-up businesses engage Innogov for the passion and ingenuity that will allow them to scale fast and manage change. Further, many businesses are required to interface with government and find the process frustrating. Innogov provides the necessary experience and drive in growing business and skills in working with government which allows entrepreneurs to focus on cultivating their ventures without have to worry about the hassles of regulation and bookkeeping.